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Practicing Saving Is Not An Easy Task

Saving seems like an easy task, but those of you who are practicing it or those who have already done it know how I am not at all like that. This requires effort and dedication to achieve and once you have understood this, you are prepared to achieve what you set out to do. In fact Billy Boy is designed to help you but in exchange for a little effort and dedication on your part, or as I like to call it “training.” If you commit you will be the kings of saving.


But do not worry because you will not be alone

But do not worry because you will not be alone

I will help and accompany you every day. With a little time everyone will get my achievement “Step by step”. To be able to wear it as soon as possible, in the blog I will give you advice for your day to day and also for you to be experts in using Billy Boy. This week I want to give you some small recommendations when using the application.


I know that I am insisting a lot on this subject but it is because of the importance of this exercise. If all your movements are well categorized, Billy Boy will be able to analyze your consumption perfectly, making my advice really help you to achieve the savings you desire so much. In addition, the difficult moment is at the beginning, because you have to categorize everything well, then you just have to enjoy and check that everything is in its correct category.


this has to be your routine since this is how you are really going to control and get your accounts in shape. Remember that Billy Boy is like a gym where you enter several times a week to exercise. If you don’t do it, it is impossible for your savings to be in shape.


The more accounts and cards you add, the more controlled you’ll have everything

The more accounts and cards you add, the more controlled you

it’s that simple, since with Billy Boy you can have all your finances concentrated in the same space, be they cards, accounts or several banks. My goal is to make your life easier by wishing it would be another motivation for you to do my exercise plan.

I hope it helps you and you become great students. And remember: “In saving, as in sports, there is a process and a goal.” Are you ready for training?

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